Avanti Savoia: ten years in the making and one helluva ride!  I have learned so much about owning and operating my own small business and it’s been the greatest professional experience; one better than I ever could have imagined.  That being said, I couldn’t have done it without my co-founding-partners, my father, Doug Slocum, and our dear friend, the late Vito DeCarolis.  Day in and day out, I’m thankful for my partner-in-crime and dear friend, Chef Karen.  That woman; she’s amazing!  We’ve had so much fun bringing you the world’s finest food from the world’s smallest producers.  Seriously!  Through the years, we have discovered amazing partners, friends, and fans who share in our excitement and love for truly fantastic food from all over the world.  

While we wish that we could be walking step-by-step with you through your entire culinary growth process, it’s time for us to pack it up ‘n ship it out – to you!  Chef and I will be looking forward to our next professional adventures [hers in the culinary world, I’m sure – and me, well, the world is my oyster covered in delicious hot sauce].  Stay tuned as our cyber doors will be closing on June 30 and we’ll be hitting you up for all of your cooking class vouchers, gift certificates, and super fresh foodie deals.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  It’s truly been a pleasure opening our doors so we could land at yours for the past decade.

Most sincerely,
Ben Slocum,
Owner, Avanti Savoia