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Organic Beechwood Honey 100% Raw $11.50

Not your typical honey.  Instead of gathering nectar from a blossom the bees gather the sweet aromatic sap from the beechwood trees of New Zealand.  Creating a dark amber colored honey that has a strong apricot flavor up front mellowing as the sugars dissolve in your mouth to a sweet lightly tart raisin flavor.

Organic Wild Dandelion Honey 100% Raw $16.50

A vivid yellow hue is the first thing to strike your eye, but this honey delivers with a strong, tangy zing of rich honey goodness!

Quality extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars!

At Avanti Savoia, we think of ourselves as fanatical—about gourmet food, about taste, and about everything else that matters in every product we bring to your table. We scour the world seeking out the best olive oilsbalsamic vinegars, chocolates and more. You’ll taste the difference, we guarantee you'll be satisfied.

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Recent Best Sellers

Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil $10.00

Case price: $96.00 (12/case)
Save: $24.00

We are selling this oil at the same price you might find at your local grocery store! Here is why...

Gold Medal (Medagliere) Balsamic Vinegar by Giuseppe Giusti $19.95

Case price: $191.52 (12/case)
Save: $47.88

Fine balsamic condiment with just a drop of Traditional Balsamic to give it balance...

Riccardo/IL Denso Giusti Balsamic Vinegar by Giuseppe Giusti $31.95

Case price: $325.89 (12/case)
Save: $57.51

Rich and thick on the palette, with a quality that is distinguished by its thickness and its sweetness.