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Organic Italian Integrale Rice

Catalog Number: 65050 UPC Code: 8032542742232
Weight: 1.1 lb
Vendor: Cascina Belvedere
$6.50 $3.25

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Italian brown rice with the complete germ and bran intact, low salt content excellent for people looking to lower their salt intake.

Brown rice is a basic element of natural cooking, its grains preserve the complete germ as well as the bran (the coat), being the most nutritive parts of rice.

This rice has low sodium content and is thus suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure.

It also contains important elements for health which have not been milled off: it is rich in fiber, contains various proteins, vitamins (A, B1, PP), which are maintained even when cooked, micronutrients, fatty acids carbohydrates, enzymes and mineral salts, among which potassium and magnesium, useful in osteoporosis prevention.

Brown rice is thus an energizing, highly nutritional and easily digestible food.

Due to its stronger taste in comparison to white rice, it is usually accompanied by other strong tasting dishes; not only meat and cheese, but also legumes and vegetables.

It can be kept in the fridge for a few days and seasoned freely.

Perfect as side dish, in soups and salads.

1.1 lb. Imported from Italy.

5 starsMarch 15, 2013
by Kathleen Riggio (Summerton, SC)
5 starsMay 16, 2010
by Joan Hoberman (Calabasas, CA)
5 starswonderful Italian brown rice
July 03, 2009
by Paul Hamburg (Chestnut Hill, MA)
This is the best of two worlds-----something close to Arborio in a brown whole-grain rice. It is simply delicious!
5 starsMarch 14, 2009
by Martha Pflaum (Denver, CO)
loved this rice; I ordered it a second time