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Le Magnolie Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Catalog Number: 10005
Volume: 500 ml
Vendor: Le Magnolie

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At first taste artichokes and cardoon followed by more subtle notes ripe tomatos, walnuts, dried fruit, wild herbs. Organic olive oil

Sophisticated palates will appreciate the interplay between bitter and spicy flavors in this first-press organic olive oil.

At first taste, the piquant vegetal flavors of artichoke and cardoon delight the senses. Then, more subtle notes come creeping in: red ripe tomatoes, walnuts, dried fruits, wild herbs.

Enjoy this unique golden-yellow oil with freshly grilled asparagus or drizzled over field greens with goat cheese.

500 ml, Imported from Italy's Abruzzo region

first press, cold press, estate bottled, certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Organically grown.

Polyphenol Level: 290.7 mg/kg

5 starsMay 17, 2009
by Louis DiPasquale (Stroudsburg, PA)
a sweeter taste that goes well with balsamic for dipping