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Catalog Number: 32015
Weight: 2 oz.
Vendor: Gusti Vegetali
$4.75 $1.00

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This essential spice belongs in every pantry. It imparts a complex taste of lemons, sage and caraway. Corriander is the key to great curry, fish, lamb...

These dried seeds of the cilantro plant are similar in taste to a blend of lemon, sage, and caraway. The characteristic perfume is slightly musky.

An essential ingredient in every well-stocked pantry, the coriander seed is a key spice in Indian curries and gravies.

It also matches well with fish, ham, lamb, lentils, pork, stuffing, tomatoes, and turkey.

2oz jar, about 60 grams, Imported.

(Herbs and Spices)

5 starscoriandol
September 13, 2011
by kathleen mitchell gentry (Honea Path, SC)
great product overly priced but good for cooking what i want to make