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Catalog Number: 32040
Weight: 2 oz.
Vendor: Gusti Vegetali
$5.60 $1.00

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The strong warm aroma comes from the fruit's abundant oil content. Hotter then caraway it is a must in couscous and works well...

An aromatic spice with a distinctive bitter flavor, cumin "seeds" are actually the small dried fruit of an annual plant in the parsley family.

The strong, warm aroma comes from the fruit's abundant oil content.

Native to the Mediterranean region, cumin is often confused with caraway, yet is hotter to the taste, larger, and lighter in color.

Cumin is an essential ingredient in couscous, and it is used for flavoring meats, cheeses, and meat sauce.

2oz jar, Imported.

(Herbs and Spices)

5 starsLOVE IT
January 25, 2012
by Kathleen Riggio (Summerton, SC)
I just love this spice and the fragrance....fantastic.
5 starsApril 11, 2011
by Jeannine Tune (St Louis, MO)