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Sicilian Green Oregano

Catalog Number: 32050
Weight: 2 oz.
Vendor: Gusti Vegetali

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Italy's signature spice oregano is a mainstay on... pizza, artichokes, chicken fish, lamb, pork, rabbit, sausage...

Oregano is considered Italy's signature spice and this selection, grown in Sicily, is considered the world's best.

Similar to marjoram, but more pungent and not as sweet, oregano is the mainstay of many Italian recipes such as pizza.

The light, spicy taste gives a pleasant aroma to artichokes, beans, chicken, eggplant, fish, lamb, mushrooms, pasta, peppers, pizza, pork, potaoes, rabbit, sausages, tomatoes, veal, and zucchini.

2oz jar, Imported

(Herbs and Spices)

5 starsMay 05, 2010
5 starsGreat Spice
February 15, 2009
by Sean Evans (Dayton, OH)
We love every spice that we have received from Avanti especially everything from the Gusti Vegetali line up. You can not go wrong with any of these spices.
2 starsSicilian Oregano
February 09, 2009
by Anonymous
I didn't care for this spice. It tasted stale, and had an unusual taste to it. It tasted more like a marjoram than oregano.