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Sherry Wine Vinegar

Catalog Number: 25025
Volume: 750 ml

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Sherry wine vinegar made from the Palomino grape and using the "Solera" method... a delicate and delicious wine vinegar.

Sherry wine made from the Palomino grape is carefully aged in American oak barrels for 20 years using the “Solera” method to create a truly delicate and delicious sherry wine vinegar.

Made only in the Jerez region in Andalucia Spain, the unique microclimate contributes to the distinctive qualities of the base wine from which sherry and sherry vinegar is born.

Ideal for dressings and cold sauces as well as on meats and fish.

750ml/ 25.36 oz. Imported

Acidity 7%
Color: Dark Amber

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