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Catalog Number: 32080
Weight: 1.8 oz.
Vendor: Ferri Dal 1905

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Europeans are fond of nutmeg in cream sauces, Hollandaise sauce, and on veggies, It is one of Vito's secret ingredients in his famous...

One of the legendary spices on Columbus' shipping list, nutmeg is a well-known and popular flavoring.

The nutmeg seeds are easy to grate fresh or ready to use ground.

Well-known to Americans in baked goods, custards, and as a topping for eggnog. European cooks are fond of nutmeg in cream sauces, Hollandaise sauce, and numerous vegetable dishes.

Try a frothy Cappuccino with a little freshly grated nutmeg.

1.8 oz jar, Imported

(Herbs and Spices)

5 starsAugust 12, 2011
by Bradford Kahl (Huntingtown, MD)
Great. Use in just about everything.
4 starsAroma
February 10, 2011
by Bill Mattingly (Fort Myers, FL)
I used in a lasagna I made this weekend and when grated the first thing I noticed was the aroma. This is not your store bought nutmeg!
4 starsDecember 15, 2009