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Pure Red Venezuelan Cocoa Powder

Best by: 12/31/09 Catalog Number: 50120
Vendor: Guido Castagna

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Great for dusting on cappuccino, make it part of your morning ritual, we do.

Your reputation as a great cook is about to reach new heights! Use this exquisite pure red Venezuelan cocoa (Carnero Superior) in cakes, brownies, puddings, chili, and quick breads. Try it in hot chocolate —you’ll never go back! Great for dusting on frothy cappuccino This is not your standard supermarket cocoa. With intense chocolate flavor and lack of bitterness -- you can eat this on its own. A little known treasure from cacao-producing rising star Venezuela. 200g jar. Imported.

5 starsSeptember 27, 2009
by Valerie J Perkins (Monroe, UT)
1 starsJanuary 12, 2009
disappointing. not the interesting red color shown on the web site photo but a lifeless pale brown with flat flavor. although it does taste better than grocery store cocoa it is not a good value