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Italian Honey Vinegar - Aceto Miele

Catalog Number: 25038
Volume: 8.37 fl. oz.

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Gone, I didn't even get to taste it!! Chef Joseph says five stars, I say "thanks alot" [Read More]...

How many can claim they've sampled this unique vinegar?

Very hard to find here in the States. This blend of 4 Italian honeys deliver subtle sweetness.

Low acidity for easy digestion—great for those who can't consume other vinegars.

Try on seasonal vegetables—fresh, citrus taste will wake up your taste buds.

Lively-but-never-overwhelming flavor marries well with chicken or fish.

Add a few drops to ice cold glass of water for a surprisingly thirst-quenching drink.

8.37 fl oz bottle.

Imported fom Italy.

5 starsMakes unbelievable salad dressings!
December 01, 2010
by Katharine Brosnan (Knoxville, TN)
I have now moved this honey vinegar into the exclusive club of vinegars I use for light-colored salad dressings (champagne and white balsamic vinegars being the other two). It is simultaneously sweet and pungent, and a total conversation piece at parties-- have YOU ever heard of this stuff before now? I can't wait to try it in other recipes!