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Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence
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Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence

Catalog Number: 35103
Weight: 25g
Vendor: Ferri Dal 1905

Out of stock.

French Brittany sea salt and a mixture of herbs and spices, this complex combination put Provence on the map!

This natural sea salt from Brittany region of France brings out the fresh flavors of the sea with its complex balance of minerals.

Mixed with a wide range of Herbes de Provence, it is a natural compliment to fresh raw vegetables and salads and can elevate the flavor of grilled meats and fish.

This salt is also the finishing touch for a perfect Ratatouille.

Packaged in a 25g glass tube. Imported.

Sea Salt with Herbs and spices

5 starsThe South of France in a Tube
April 16, 2010
by Ronni Fox (Buffalo, NY)
This truly takes me there. I used it to season a roasted chicken and my kitchen smelled nice, and like Nice,France. The blend was well-balanced, no herb dominated any other. I even mixed it into sweet butter for a table spread. Fantastic.