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Mediterranean Fiore de Sal Seasoning and Marinade
Out of stock.

Mediterranean Fiore de Sal Seasoning and Marinade

Catalog Number: 35112
Weight: 20g
Vendor: Ferri Dal 1905

Out of stock.

Atlantic, "Fiore de sale", rosmary and sage in the exact proportions...I can smell the Mediterranean.

Atlantic sea salt is highly appreciated in some of the best kitchens in the world.

This Fiore de Sale joins with rosemary and sage to create a classic kitchen combination.

Used in the preparation of chicken or lamb or seafood. This seasoning is also delicious as the final touch on potatoes and other vegetables.

Ingredients: Atlantic sea salt; rosemary; sage

Packaged in glass tube 20g. Imported.

5 starsA Day in Crete
April 16, 2010
by Ronni Fox (Buffalo, NY)
This blend smells like the air in the Mediterranean. A classic blend, it is excellent on any meats or veggies. I mixed it with a bit of olive oil and butter and tossed it with pasta...perfect! I plan to use it to season my next Thanksgiving turkey..the sage and rosemary will be perfect.