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Whole Mexican Vanilla Bean

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Whole Mexican Vanilla Bean

Best by: 7/15/11 Catalog Number: 32130
Weight: 6g
Vendor: Ferri Dal 1905
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"Mexican vanilla beans", yet another gift from south of the border...strong, spicy and rich.

This Mexican Whole Vanilla Bean is derived from the same cultivar as that in Madagascar but is known for its strong, spicy and rich flavor.

Vanilla is one of the world’s most recognizable (and costly) flavorings. Originating in tropical America, the vanilla orchid bean pod is the source of this famous flavor.

It is available in extracts, powder and the whole beans themselves. Today, vanilla orchids are produced in a number of countries around the world, although they all originate from the same new world species.


(Mexican Vanilla Beans)

5 starsWhole Mexican Vanilla Bean
August 22, 2010
by Anonymous
Life never ceases to amaze me...This whole order was sent to my youngest daughter, 50 years old, as a surprise. She really was surprised, she had never seen a "real" vanilla bean before.....the truth sometimes is difficult to believe. I had no idea about this, so, I was surprised, too.