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Kala Namak Indian Black Salt
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Kala Namak Indian Black Salt

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More red then black this pure natural sea salt is a favorite of Vegans the salt adds a slight egg flavor to their dishes. Great in curry dishes.

This pure, unrefined "black salt" is a rare pearl from India and is thought to be one of the purest available on earth. The signature sulfurous aroma and taste is reminiscent of dried egg yolks, making this a popular choice for vegan chefs desiring to add natural egg flavor to their dishes. Although it's often referred to as "black salt," the fine grain is pink with a powdery texture, while the coarse grain tends toward crimson. Serve in a salt mill as a condiment to complement any curry recipe or other traditional Indian entrée.

4 starsUnusual but delicious
September 03, 2011
by Anonymous
This salt is very fine and adds a great flavor to potato or pasta salads
5 starsKala Namak Indian Black Salt
February 17, 2010
by Anonymous
This salt tastes amazingly like salty eggs. It is one of my favorite vegan finds.
3 starsBlack Salt
December 22, 2009
by Kenneth McLaren (Elk Grove Village, IL)
This is a interesting salt, that we are glad to have tried. I think it will be a real challenge to use this salt regularly, the sulfur really creates the egg flavor. I will use this for egg white omelets as I determine what quantity is the right touch. I highly recommend using a salt mill or mortar and pestle to assist in dissolving this unusual medicinal salt.