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Avanti Savoia dinner table

We Operate as a Family

At Avanti Savoia, we pore over products firsthand at our own dinner table. We'll share our experiences online with you. Come be a part of our family!

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About Avanti Savoia

I met Vito De Carolis many years ago; I was starting a business importing machinery and equipment from Italy. Vito was director of marketing for a major Italian machinery producer. I knew a lot about quality engineering and nothing about Italy. Vito became my translator, my host, my guide and my mentor. Vito and I, over time, became friends, real friends, so much so that our families now vacation together and we have started this Knoxville Tennessee-based business together.

Vito has a burning passion for wine, chocolate, spices and cooking - you get the idea. He is fanatical about his cooking, and when ever possible he wants the “Best of the Best” for his creations. Some of Vito has rubbed off on me. Thanks to Vito, I have begun to learn something about food and have gained an appreciation for the need for high quality ingredients. If the food is to be good, truly good, you must start with the best ingredients available.

It was based on Vito’s quest for the “Best of the Best” that Avanti Savoia was born. Today Vito and I are business partners. He hunts down the best products from Italy and I bring them to you. Vito is a fanatic and now through Avanti Savoia, Vito is your fanatic.

If he won’t put it on his table we will never ask you to put it on yours.

Life is short, let’s have some fun,

Doug Slocum


Avanti Savoia on WBIR TV’s Live at Five at Four

Avanti Savoia Products in Warehouse

Avanti Savoia and La Cucina at Avanti Savoia were featured on WBIR TV's Live at Five at Four program on Sept. 21st.

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