Founded: 1850

Location:  via  Barca, 20
     41100 Zona San Donnino – Modena - Italy

Website: Acetaia Malpighi 

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Acetaia Malpighi's roots are firmly established in a family tradition that began in 1850. The family's passion for the art of "Tradizionale" balsamic vinegar has been cultivated through five generations. Thanks to this tradition and to their own vineyard, the Malpighis have applied the ancient rules of decanting and enhancing to create a vinegar with a brilliant appearance, complex aromas, and a thick consistency—a “true balm.”


Vito De Carolis visits with the Malpighi Family

Their product line includes the two classic Traditional Balsamic Vinegars of Modena;: 

  • “Affinato”, aged for at least 12 years 
  • “Extra Vecchio” aged for at least 25 years

They also produce three other Traditional Balsamic Vinegars:

  • “Extra Extra Vecchio” Reserve, aged 50 years
  • "Juniper Reserve", aged 80 years in juniper wood barrels
  • "Reserve", aged 100 years.

Other interesting products include the “Prelibato”, a white Balsamic vinegar aged in ash barrels, the condiment “Saporoso” aged for 6 years, the “Saporina" jelly, “Saba”, a traditional cooked grape must, “Saporolio” salad dressing, and also Balsamic Vinegar candies, chocolate bonbons, and crunchy nougat candies.

The latest generation of the Malphighi family, Massimo Malpighi, is continuing the Tradition: to provide consumers the best quality, and always looking for new products to fill market needs.


During the CIBUS -2008 (one of the larger worldwide food exhibitions, biennially held in Parma Italy), I was invited from Malpighi to visit their “Acetaia”.  After an interesting visit, we enjoyed a party with several Malpighi resellers from all over the world.


After the party, I had a chance to talk with Massimo for a couple  of hours. This long discussion helped me to better understand the philosophy of Malpighi’s family—a company with 150 years of experience, managed by the young heir of the family.


Another thing that impresses me is Malpighi’s marketing strategy to promotie their products worldwide. They invite 20.000 tourists every year to visit their Acetaia, teaching them in a modern classroom how Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is made, and taking them on a Gastronomic Tour in the land of the “Tradizionale Balsamico”.


In providing these services, as well as exporting its products all over the world, Acetaia Malpighi has contributed significantly to the internationalization of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.



FAQ: What is DOP Certification for Balsamic Vinegar?

DOP certification "Denominazione di Origine Protetta",  or  Protected Designation of Origin, is granted to select balsamic vinegar makers in the Modena province in Italy.

When you select a DOP certified product, you are assured that it is the product of a unique tradition and culture, guaranteeing the highest unadulterated quality with unrivaled flavor.