Founded: 1996
Owners: Massimiliano and Barbara Geraci
Oil Technician: Lorenzo Geraci

Website: Olis Srl

Giovanni Geraci, the great grandfather of the present day owners, founded this historic farm in the late 1800’s. Since then, the family has continued the tradition of producing quality oil. In 1996, the Geraci family created the company Olis Srl that reorganized the structure of the farm. The property is located in the province of Trapani, where the uncontested Nocellara del Belice olive reigns. Located in a basic, the farm features dark soil and a high altitude that oscillates between 30 and 300 meters above sea level.

The olives are hand-picked and subjected to a strict selection process. The result is an extremely pure and natural extra virgin olive oil. Cold pressing is used to enhance quality and flavor. The unfiltered oil from the mill is then subjected to a natural separating process, and finally bottled without adding any preservatives or chemical products.