Founded: 1993
Owner: Marina Colonna
Oil Technician: Nazario D’Errico
Number of olive trees: 28,000
Acres of olive orchards on the property: 170.43

Website: Marina Colonna

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The Colonna Estate is located in the farmlands of Bosco Pontoni at San Martino in Pensilis, Campobasso province. The estate belongs to Marina, daughter of Prince Francesco Colonna. The groves are planted with a wide variety of olives. The first planting of 10,000 traditional olive trees took place in 1968. This was extended in 1991 to include an innovative, high-density olive plantation of 15,000 trees featuring different 24 varieties.

The Beautiful Colonna Estate

In 1998, experimental groves were added, emphasizing the Colonna Estate's commitment to adopting innovative methods and new varieties. Utilization of these techniques drastically lowers any negative impact on the environment. The harvest takes place early in the season, using pneumatic combs or vibrating equipment to shorten picking times, ensuring the highest quality of oil extracted. Processing utilizes the continuous cooling cycle in the farm's own oil mill within 12 hours of picking.

The resulting extra virgin olive oil has a high percentage of polyphenol and vitamins, which enhance its organic characteristics. Storage takes place in stainless steel vats, with each variety separated. Blending of selected oils follows accurate chemical analysis. The oil produced maintains its distinctive characteristics, such as extremely low acidity, all year round.