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The Remedy Steak & Veggie Rub
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The Remedy Steak & Veggie Rub

Catalog Number: 30025 $6.50

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Perfectly balanced, cumin, licoricey fennel, slightly spicy with the right blend of garlic. Steak, lamb, grilled veggies...

Don’t let this one scare you. A brilliant balance of cumin and licoricey fennel, spicy with the right blend of garlic. The flavors blossom on your tongue. Sprinkle on chicken before grilling. Excellent on lamb, grilled vegetable, eggplant, or even sliced sweet potatoes. Perfect for a thick steak, flavorful yet not overpowering. The dogs will howl for miles around. Ingredients: Cayenne, cumin, fennel, garlic, sea salt, tellicherrry, and other peppers.

5 starsNovember 07, 2014
by Michael J Raymond (Eaton, OH)
5 starsNot Scary At All!
June 30, 2010
by Beth Taylor (Savannah, GA)
Truly unique spice blend that delivers big-time flavor. Lots of fun to use. Give it a try!