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Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set
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Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set

Save 15% when you buy the pair Catalog Number: 10056
Weight: 1x750ml 1x250ml
$53.90 $45.95

Out of stock.

Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Like a sweeping autumn meadow blanketed with warm shades of green and golden-yellow, this harmonious first-press blends pleasing colors, aromas, and shades to produce a grassy and fruity bouquet.

A complex olive oil with notes of fresh herbs, green hazelnut, sweet almond, cardoon, and musk.

Its slight peppery finish makes this oil an ideal choice to drizzle on a carpaccio of beef with poppy seeds.

Lemon Infused:

Infused Italian olive oil with the zest of Sicilian lemons. Marina Colonna infused Italian extra virgin olive oil with the zest of Sicilian lemons.  The process is fascinating lemon zest is added to the olives just before pressing the result is that the lemon oil is released at exactly the same moment that the oil is pressed from the olive.  First press, cold press and estate bottled.

5 starsGift set
December 10, 2012
by Ronni Davis (Wichita Falls, TX)
Beautifully packaged...future expiration dates (unlike others I researched)...reasonably priced. This is a set I will be proud to give and would be delighted to receive! Since the sets I ordered are gifts, I cannot evaluate the oils.