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Colonna Peperoncino Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Colonna Peperoncino Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Catalog Number: 10084 UPC Code: 618762006101
Weight: 250ml
Vendor: Marina Colonna
$21.95 $10.98

Out of stock.

This infused olive oil has a nice spicy flavor, with a refined and balanced "burn". It will make you say "Olio Santo"!

This is the latest product from the famed Colonna Estate. 

Nice spicy flavor with a refined and balanced “burn.” 

This spiced olive oil in Italy is called  "Olio Santo" (Holy Oil)

Best used with garlic on pasta or as a dipping oil.  Perks up dishes such as pizzas, tomato sauces or beans and soups.

Imported from Italy.

Best by July 2016

5 starsPepperoncino flavored Olive Oil
August 07, 2011
great with pasta added with a bit of fennel seed and the pasta dish taste like pizza
5 starsUse it solo or mixed with another oil...
July 13, 2011
by Theresa Darling (Warren, PA)
Enjoyed it in a 3-bean salad, and added a dash to another olive oil to fry up some mushroom burgers. Excellent flavor addition each time. This oil ranks right up there with all the other Colonna oils I've tried!