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Pici Durum Wheat Pasta
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Pici Durum Wheat Pasta

Catalog Number: 60051
Weight: 1 lb
Vendor: Morelli Pasta

Case price: $111.20 (20/case)
Save: $27.80

Out of stock.

From Siena in central Tuscany unique shape stays el dente

"Pici" pasta is a relative of the spaghetti family, but is larger and with a small hole in the center

A specialty of the Siena region (Central Tuscany) the "Pici" pasta is produced with the best durum wheat semolina.

The big advantage of the "Pici" compared to the regular dry pasta is the capacity to remain "al dente" for many hours.

In the past, it was prepared in advance and mixed with the sauce. Before serving it was warmed up with the addition of more sauce.

It also remains excellent the next day.

Try with any tomato based sauce and you will discover an old Tuscan farmer's taste for "Pici" - the big spaghetti.

500 g. (1 lb) . Made by Morelli Pasta of Italy, imported.

5 starsTim's Pici Reiew
May 20, 2011
by Tim Mullins (Indianapolis, IN)
On our last trip to Tuscany in October 2010, we hired a private chef who served us a fantastic meal. One being a pasta dish using Pici. It is now our most favorite pasta, great when cooked al dente. Just ordered this brand and it was excellent.
5 starsI love this pasta
September 17, 2009
by Janice Tocher (Knoxville, TN)
Until we started using *real* Italian pasta, we didn't know what we were missing! We cooked up a sauce with Roma tomatoes (right out of the garden) and a few select Avanti Spices (including the Peperoncino Flakes to give a little kick) - poured the sauce over the 'el dente' Pici pasta and - boom, awesome meal.
5 starsPici
March 28, 2009
by Mary Muncy (Canton, MI)