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Seasoned Sea Salt Seafood Grilling Blend

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Seasoned Sea Salt Seafood Grilling Blend

Catalog Number: 35111
Weight: 40g
Vendor: Ferri Dal 1905

Out of stock.

I ate at a fantastic fish retaurant near Rimni. I thougt to myself "how did they do that"? This is how they did it.

Savory grilled fish is a favorite of many people. Here is a practical mixture of cooking salt and aromatic herbs in the best Italian tradition.

This seasoned sea salt from Italy is ideal to season seafood on the grill as well as the perfect accompaniment to fish baked in foil or in parchment paper (en Papillote).

Ingredients: Contains sea salt; parsley; garlic; pepper; laurel; fennel.

Packaged in glass tube 40g Imported.

(Herbs and Spices, Sea Salt)

5 starsFish for the Finicky
April 16, 2010
by Ronni Fox (Buffalo, NY)
My husband is not a great fish lover but I did some steamed cod and sprinkled it with this salt blend and he actually asked for seconds! Don't just save it for seafood though, it was great in a simple tomato soup too.