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Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Salt Available as Black or White Flake

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Cyprus Flake Mediterranean Salt Available as Black or White Flake

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Every flake is pure white and reminds me of a snow flake. Crunchy texture, pure white, mild tasting.

Cyprus Pyramid White Sea Salt: Like a fine Mediterranean Sea mist, this distinctive crystal-shaped salt delivers a refreshing ocean scent and intoxicating flavor.

A favorite of both professional chefs and weekend gourmands, this versatile seasoning’s crunchy texture and mild taste makes it an ideal choice when cooking, baking, and garnishing.

198g (7 oz). Imported.

Cyprus Black Lava Sea Salt: Dramatically different, this midnight black variation of Mediterranean flake salt is blended with activated charcoal.

In addition to the intense color transformation, the charcoal extracts the salt’s intrinsic flavor and acts as a natural detoxifier.

198g (7 oz). Imported Artisan Salt.

5 starsJune 24, 2011
by Karen Nakagawa (Santa Monica, CA)
This item has exceeded its expiration date
5 starsThere's salt, and then there's salt.
May 13, 2010
by Stephen Franco (Harrison, AR)
A revelation! If you're like me and always thought salt was salt was salt. Try some Cyprus flake. It even looks cool, crystallizes into pyramid shapes of varying sizes. Melts well when used in a sauce or soup, maintains some crunch when used on grilled meat. I like it.