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Avanti Savoia Homemade Sauce

Simmer Time

Nothing envelops the senses like the nurturing aroma of a pot of homemade sauce on the kitchen stove. Our prepared sauces include all the fresh ingredients of homemade. All you need to add is the simmer.

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Truffle Gatherer's Sauce

The birth of this truffle sauce is one of necessity, a necessity to hide the gatherer's shame from an unsuccessful hunt (read more)...

Lowcountry Creole 32oz Jar $12.00
Limited Quantity Available!

Just a smidge spicier than the Gumbo...  The Lowcountry Creole is also a great way to clean out the fridge and add that leftover rotisserie chicken, shrimp or even dice up that pork chop!

Lowcountry Gumbo 32oz Jar $12.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Same as the 16 oz Lowcountry Gumbo, but with twice the fun!

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Lowcountry Gumbo 16oz $9.50

A blend that is not too spicy, so that you can add your own heat. Create any kind or flavor that you want with the addition of andouille sausage, chicken or seafood.

Don Bruno Marinara Sauce $9.50

Don Bruno Authentic Marinara Sauce has a rich homemade flavor that brings the tradition of old world Italy from our kitchen to your dinner table! Made with imported Italian tomatoes...and love.

Don Bruno Sicilian Gravy Sauce $9.50

Luscious chunks of imported Italian tomatoes with garlic, basil, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. One bite and you will understand why they call it Authentic Sicilian Gravy Sauce. Rich homemade flavor, gluten free no sugar added!