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Avanti Savoia Sea Salts

Shake It Up

Generic, white salt has its place, but never at your table. Our hand-harvested collection from SaltWorks’ Artisan Salt Company contains a few pearly selections, but there is nothing generic about them.

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New Products

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Bourbon Barrel Mini Tin Gift Set of Sugar and Spices $14.95
Limited Quantity Available!

This set includes 6 mini tins of the following bourbon barrel inspired sugars and spices!

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Spice Gift Set $32.95 $29.95

Old bourbon barrel staves are used to slow smoke and infuse the salt, pepper and paprika with all the sweet and smoky flavor locked away in the aged bourbon barrels.  This set should be next to every stove top and every grill in America.

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Recent Best Sellers

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Six Pasta Sampler $21.74 $19.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Six pasta sampler assortment plus one kilo of Sicilian coarse sea salt. See what all the excitement is about and save money too!

Pasta Sea Salt 1kg (2.2 lbs)-Coarse $3.59

Pasta Salt—coarse Sicilian Sea Salt is the perfect choice for perfect pasta. Every Italian worth his "Salt" uses...

Black Truffle Mushroom Sea Salt $22.50
Limited Quantity Available!

One flick of the wrist adds a new layer of depth to any recipe.