Founded: 1905 

Location: Puglia, Italy

Owners: Gregorio Minervini and Maria Massari  



See the full range of Ferri dal products sold by Avanti Savoia.


Since 1905, Ferri dal has offered the best quality spices, teas, salts, aromatic herbs, dried fruits,  dried vegetable mixtures, and other items from around the world. 



In 1905, Primo Ferri, a vegetable and herb farmer in the Mantua province of Italy, established a small factory for vegetable production. Soon he became very popular in the region, due to the quality, care and great wisdom that went into the creation of his products. 




When his son Andrea and his wife Lucia joined the family business (she is in charge of selecting the best products before packaging), they added spices to broaden their offerings. After a few years "Ferri-I Gusti Vegetali" became so popular that they began to attract customers from all over Italy. 

When Primo’s grandson, Albino, came to work with the company, he traveled around the world to discover additional new products to further expand their offerings, selecting the very best, according to its geographic region.


Today the company's main purpose is to select the "best of the best"—not an easy job, but interesting. In traveling around the world, he has discovered many unique spices, teas, herbs and vegetables with rich flavors and intense taste. Their products are sometimes unusual, but always exciting. 


Combining four generations of family experience, a deep knowledge of “Sapienza della natura” (“nature’s wisdom”), and using advanced technology combined with traditional knowledge to preserve these natural products, Ferri dal offers the highest quality, natural products from around the world.


Their product offerings include:

  • 40 varieties of dried fruit
  • 15 kinds of legumes
  • 10 different pre-mixed, dried vegetable soups
  • 36 different kinds of spices, ground or whole
  • 24 kinds of dried herbs
  • 15 kinds of natural salts
  • 15 kinds of spiced salts
  • 20 varieties of teas
  • 23 varieties of scented teas
  • 20 kinds of dried fruit for infusion
  • and many more interesting items.

All products are subject to rigorous health inspections, organic quality control, and lovingly hand-packaged to guarantee the perfect selection every time.


The first time I visited their factory, I found they take quality control very seriously. Nobody can enter any production areas without being in full sterilized dress, including covered shoes, hair covering and face mask. All of the walls are made of glass so one can see everything. Talking with Albino Ferri, I was impressed their large number of product categories. Equally impressive is his vast knowledge of all kinds of vegetables, herbs, and fruits that grow around the world . Afterwards, I was convinced that this is one of the best sources for all kinds of high quality dried vegetables, herbs, and fruits. 


In the tradition of excellence from producers like Ferri dal, Avanti Savoia brings you many of these fine products.



FAQ: What is a fruit "infusion"?

Fruit infusions let you prepare non-caffeinated drinks that combine the pleasure of tasty and scented fruits. Typically they combine scented herbs, dried fruit and citrus rinds to produce a delightful, refined, tasty and completely natural drink. Like all Feri dal products, these are selected with the very best care.