Established: 1920's

Location: via  Cardinal Raimondi, 23

     15011   Acqui Terme – Alessandria - Italy

Website:  Oliveri Piemonte  


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The Oliveri company is located in the heart of the region of Piedmont, Italy. For three generations, they have been preparing food specialties with traditional Italian home-made character.


In the 1920’s, the grandfather, Emilio, began selling porcini mushrooms in Piancastagna, a little village located a few miles from Acqui Terme in the southern region of the Piedmont. 


Later, his son Attilio began adding other products to the Oliveri product line besides the porcini mushrooms, using family recipes and experiences as a starting point. 


Fruits and vegetables, cultivated and selected by people living on the land, were transformed into delicious preserves and specialities. 


In the following decade, Oliveri’s  family  expanded his culinary laboratory in the town of Acqui Terme, adopting modern machinery, while maintaining the genuine flavour of their  products.


Today the grandson Emilio leads the Oliveri company, striving for even higher quality and fuller flavour in their products.


Aware that the road towards excellence never ends, and with the weight of a story almost a century old dedicated to the production of gastronomic specialities, the new generation of the Oliveri family has decided not only to renovate their product image, but also demonstrate how a cuisine capable of representing the local land cannot be imprisoned in traditional status-quo.


Marina Durando Oliveri, Emilio’s wife, an architect, became fascinated by this world. Sharing the passion for architecture and design along with the gastronomic panorama, she spreads the culture of the project in the world of food.



Oliveri products capture the flavors of the land that means so much to them. They produce the most precious varieties of porcini mushrooms, stuffed chilli peppers, fresh stuffed olives, vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, traditional sauces from the Piedmont, mushroom and Truffle cream spreads, tomato sauce—the most classic condiment for pasta, impressive fruit jams (best served with cheese), and dried fruit with honey, all selected from the best produced in the Piedmontt region.


All Oliveri products are thoroughly cleaned and manually put into sterilized jars with rigorous quality inspections throughout the process. The majority of the ingredients they use are grown in their own fields, allowing complete control over their products.

When I visited Oliveri for the first time, I met young Emilio, in his very nice small office downtown Acqui Terme. After we walked to their gourmet shop a short distance from the main office, I was introduced to a marvellous range of specialty food. Tons of dried mushrooms, several type of cheese, all kind of  salamis,  sausages, and hams.


Here, I met Emilio’s mother and father. After this very pleasant stop, we drove a few miles out of Acqui Terme to visit the production plant located on a modernized, old farm.


It’s very clean, all products are hand packed, and they use a line machine to close the jars and label them.  All raw materials are stored in sterilized rooms with temperature and humidity control to ensure peak freshness.