Established: 1980


Location: Loc. Catena Rosa 7 

     12040 Piobesi d’Alba – Cuneo - Italy 


Website: Tartuflanghe: Fresh Truffles and Gastronomic Specialties


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The company founders, Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro, began business in the world of the truffles in 1968, selling fresh truffles grown in the Piedmont region of Italy. During those years, their restaurant “Da Beppe”, located in the heart of the city of Alba, was chosen by the Michelin Travel Guide as a reference point for lovers of porcini and truffle mushrooms. 


TartufLanghe was established in 1980 to take advantage of Da Beppe’s inspiration and renowned culinary experience and refined research of pleasing combinations. The first truffle specialities were created to provide Truffle and Mushroom lovers the opportunity to enjoy great cooking, and also obtain truffles out of season. 


Product quality is guaranteed by hand selection of the raw materials used, by the expertise involved in every phase of production; and keeping true to tradition and local production methods, combined with modern technology and innovation. 



Recently Stefania and Paolo have joined their parents in running the business, and have inherited Domenica and Beppe’s experience, carrying on the family tradition and prestige with great enthusiasm and new ideas.


Tartuflanghe produced “Tagliolini”, the first truffle pasta in the world, and was awarded best new product of the year prize at the 1992 NASFT Fancy Food Summer Show in New York.  



After the Tagliolini pasta with truffle, next came prepared risotto, polenta and “fonduta” with truffle, several sauces, tasty Italian appetizers, and sweet truffles with Piedmont hazelnuts.


Today TartuFlanghe produces about 90 products, which are found in the most prestigious shops and gourmet outlets throughout Italy. Their truffle specialties are enjoyed in restaurants throughout the world.


During my first visit at TartufLanghe, waiting to speak with Veronica (the Export manager), I met Stefania and she gave me a tour of the factory, explaining all of their production processes, how the fresh truffles are stored, the slicing process, and the packaging line.


During the factory tour I also met Beppe, Stefania’s father, and we talked for few minutes about “Bagnetto Verde”, a classic Piedmont sauce. He explained that he was trying different recipes to find out which is the best possible way to have a preserved sauce while keeping the same taste of freshness as traditional home-made sauces enjoyed by every Piedmontese family. After this conversation, I was sure that these are people that care very much about quality, and TartufLanghe products are a perfect addition to Avanti Savoia's offerings.