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Sometimes in our enthusiasm for a new product, we simply buy too much. Sometimes we buy so much that as the "Best By" date approaches, we need to move items quickly – usually at a very deep discount.

Perhaps we should rename this section “Doug’s Panic Page” or “This is Your Lucky Day Page”. Regardless, the products are all top quality and the deals are incredible. Our standard 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies.

Supplies are limited, so if you think you’ll like it – grab it. Otherwise it might be gone tomorrow.

Incredible Deals
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Le Magnolie Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Le Magnolie Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vendor: Le Magnolie Catalog Number: 10005 $29.95 $12.00 Out of stock.

At first taste artichokes and cardoon followed by more subtle notes ripe tomatos, walnuts, dried fruit, wild herbs. Organic olive oil

Italian White Wine Vinegar
Italian White Wine Vinegar Vendor: Claudio Rosso Catalog Number: 25002 $15.95 $7.95

Another winner from Claudio, made from the Moscato grape this sweet white wine makes this a lovely white wine vinegar.

Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil
Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil Vendor: Avanti Savoia Catalog Number: 19999 $10.00

Case price: $96.00 (12/case)
Save: $24.00

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Limited Quantity Available!

We are selling this oil at the same price you might find at your local grocery store! Here is why...

Grilled Sliced Zucchini
Caterer/Deli Pack 4 lb. 6.5 oz.
Grilled Sliced Zucchini Catalog Number: 34607 $46.50 $25.00
Limited Quantity Available!

Grilled Zucchini is a ready to use product direct from the tray. A product of Italy that is packed in sunflower oil. This product is not only tasty, but has beautiful eye appeal.

Creamy Lime Blossom Honey
Creamy Lime Blossom Honey Vendor: Breitsamer Honig Catalog Number: 33086 $8.50 $4.50

Lime blossom, also known as Basswood or European Linden. This little sweetie is mild but spicy...a rose by any other name.

Creamy Rapsflower Honey (Rapeseed Flower)
Creamy Rapsflower Honey (Rapeseed Flower) Vendor: Breitsamer Honig Catalog Number: 33081 $7.95 $4.50

Case price: $40.55 (6/case)
Save: $7.16

Out of stock.

Perhaps Europes most popular honey. one taste will tell you why.

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