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Coming straight from the world's smallest producers, check out our best selling products and enjoy all that Avanti Savoia has to offer!

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Recent Best Sellers

Classico Giusti (2 Gold Medal) Balsamic Vinegar IGP by Giuseppe Giusti $24.95

Fine balsamic condiment with just a drop of Traditional Balsamic to give it balance...

Bourbon Cherries $15.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Cherries with a kick.  Up your cocktail game with these rich cherries with a hint of Woodford Reserve bourbon.  But not just for cocktails, these cherries can be used in desserts, salads and marinades.

Six Pasta Sampler $25.09 $22.58

Six pasta sampler assortment plus one kilo of Sicilian coarse sea salt. See what all the excitement is about and save money too!

Colonna Organic Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil $10.00

Infused Italian olive oil with the zest of real Sicilian lemons.  The zest is added to the olives just before pressing!

Riccardo/IL Denso Giusti Balsamic Vinegar by Giuseppe Giusti $35.95

Rich and thick on the palette, with a quality that is distinguished by its thickness and its sweetness.

Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami $15.99

Unique and delicious, Nduja (en-doo-ya) is the most famous and versatile Calabrian salami.

Gluten Free Spaghetti $4.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Finally a gluten free pasta that tastes delicious!  Made from corn, quinoa and rice.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse Bar $3.50
Limited Quantity Available!

A wonderfully crisp and bitter dark chocolate shell hides a sweet soft center of espresso mousse.  This Belgian Chocolate is a fantastic example of how you combine the two greatest flavors of all time, espresso and dark chocolate.

Italian Radiatore Pasta $3.50

Shaped like a radiator, holds more tons of sauce per square inch then any other shape...I kid you not!

Linguine with Squid Ink $9.95

Try something new! The tuna sauce recipe on the package will make you a culinary superstar, 100% natural.

White Chocolate with Coffee Mousee Bar $3.50
Limited Quantity Available!

A rich white chocolate shell protects the smooth almost airy coffee mousse on the inside.  For white chocolate lovers, this is a must.

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls

The shear eligance of these balsamic vinegar pearls is only upstaged by...

Italian Spaghetti Pasta $3.50

No need to overpower this wonderful pasta. Olive oil, white wine sauce...Perfecto!

Il Borgo Balsamic Condiment Red Label $55.50

Top of line balsamic vinegar; dim the lights, a bottle of good Borolo, Red Label and dark chocolate, let nature...

Gluten Free Linguine $4.50

Finally a gluten free linguine pasta that tastes delicious!  Made from corn, quinoa and rice.