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Avanti Savoia Light and Sweet Honey & Syrup

Sweet, Naturally

Produced from Maple Orchards in Vermont, Highland Sugarworks Syrup has been named “The Guinness of Syrups” by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. Also, enjoy the “big, natural flavors” of their superb quality Pancake Mixes. Fluffy, fragrant and enticing, you will want every meal to be breakfast.

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Cinnamon Infused Grade-A Maple Syrup $14.50

Cinnamon infused maply syrup.  Pancakes optional.

Vanilla Infused Grade-A Maple Syrup $14.50

Put a new twist on pancakes and waffles!  Vermonts finest 100% pure maple syrup infused with vanilla.

100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup $23.50

The key here is 100%, no corn syrup, no Karo just 100% natural Vermont Maple Syrup. This is the way it is suppose to be! A Sunday morning delight.