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Pure Lemon Extract

Best by: 09/15 Catalog Number: 66515 UPC Code: 895580001130
Weight: 4 oz
Vendor: Silver Cloud Estate
$9.98 $1.00 Limited Quantity Available!

In addition to baking, try this flavoring in sauces and marinades. This extract smells like fresh picked lemon and has a clean, fruity flavor. Sugar and gluten-free.

This Pure Lemon Extract smells like a fresh picked lemon and has a clean, fruity flavor.

It smells and tastes so good because it contains the very best pure lemon oil from California.

As a result of its fesh flavor, Silver Cloud's Pure Lemon Extract beautifully compliments most baked goods and beverages.

One teaspoon of this flavoring is sufficent for your typical cake or cookie recipe.

While most often used for sweet applications such as baking, try our Pure Lemon Extract in sauces and marinades.

Lemon has a wonderful affinity for chicken, fish and pork as well as a wide range of vegetables.

Once you use Silver Cloud's Pure Lemon Extract, you will never buy another brand.

It contains alcohol, water and lemon oil. This extract is sugar and gluten-free.

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