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Stocks (except for vegetarian) are made with animal or fish bones and scraps, whereas broths must be made with pieces of animal flesh, poultry or seafood to give them a fuller flavor. It would be fair to say that most of the great cuisines of the world are based on the use of some kind of stocks and broths.

"Sauces" – the very word conjures up visions of European grand dining, especially French and Italian. To the everyday cook the subject can be extremely confusing, not to mention intimidating.

For instance all gravies are sauces but not all sauces are gravies. Even chefs and other professionals often have differing opinions as to how the subject should be organized and the sauces prepared

It is not really a mystery that there are hundreds of variations that descend in an orderly fashion from what are called “mother sauces.” However depending on the source of the information, the “mother sauces” can be described as numbering three, four, or even five. It depends on how one cares to think about and organize the several basics.

It is therefore for the sake of easy access and every day cooking convenience that this section is divided into these different parts.