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Life After Ramen: <br>A Cooking & Entertaining Guide For Twentysomethings
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Life After Ramen:
A Cooking & Entertaining Guide For Twentysomethings

Catalog Number: LAR Cookbook $19.99

Out of stock.

Perfect gift for the College Graduate in your life.

Are you tired of fast food, but want good food fast? Then check out the 176 quick and easy recipes in this great cookbook for the novice cook. When Randy MacDonald and Ann Thatcher’s adult children acquired places of their own and began calling home with cooking and entertaining questions, they launched into their “mom-to-the-rescue” mode and responded by writing a cookbook. LIFE AFTER RAMEN not only contains delicious old-favorites, but also new recipes with a gourmet bent.  Each copy is signed by the authors.

4 starsLife
July 01, 2010
by Anonymous