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Banda Rossa Balsamic Vinegar by Giuseppe Giusti

30% Off! Catalog Number: 20010 UPC Code: 8006911001282
Volume: 250q
Vendor: Giuseppe Giusti
$81.95 $57.36 Limited Quantity Available!

Giuseppe Giusti's finest condimento; top of the line. An irresistible mix of the best balsamic vinegars aged in ancient casks...

The Giusti family’s personal choice for special occasions is an irresistible mix of the best balsamic vinegars aged in ancient casks.

Deliciously sweet with fruity notes, this dark brown jewel expertly balances sweet and sour, and rewards the senses with an intense perfume and full-bodied aroma.

Method: Released only after an extensive aging in the most ancient and precious barrels, when the maturation of the product reaches a level of flavor and aroma recognized by the Giusti generations as the “Banda Rossa.”

The attention and aging of this product correspond to the traditional balsamic vinegar Affinato.

Characteristics: Full, dark brown color, high density, intense perfume, and a full bodied balsamic aroma contribute to its unmistakable bouquet. The flavor is deliciously sweet with fruity notes in a sweet and sour equilibrium typical of only absolute top quality balsamic vinegars.

Recommendations: Banda Rossa is a precious, limited product that should be used only according to the most noble of balsamic vinegar: a droplet on a strawberry, a piece of Parmesan cheese, or on ice cream, or tasted and devoured alone for its flavor as an elixir.

A true lover of balsamic vinegar will also use it for recipes that do not involve cooking since it will lose the precise equilibrium and bouquet.

Awarded the 2006 Superior Taste Award by the International Taste and Quality Institute, Brussels.

250 ml, classic style, Imported from Italy.
(Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena)

5 starsExtraordinary Balsamic
August 19, 2011
by Anonymous
Banda Rossa offers the most impressive balance of quality and price in a balsamic vinegar. From the time I first discovered it in Italy, it has had a permanent place among my condiments.
5 starsApril 27, 2011
by Jon Slocum (Knoxville, TN)
This is as close as you can get to Traditional Balsamic Vinegar without spending the big bucks. A real treat and a good value.
2 starsTOO THIN
May 26, 2010
by Michael O'Connor (Weston, CT)
Very thin w/little structure -a disapointment at this price range -good flavor but seems more like a $30 product
4 starsno less than the red stripe
January 04, 2009
by Rachel Smith (Brooklyn, NY)
Sour perfectly blended with complex fruit sweetness and a remarkable lack of acidity surrounding it. Not merely tart/sweet, an undertone of caramel and pepper sees to that.