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Avanti Savoia Imported Olives

Olive Lovers, Unite

If you love olives and want a great range of varieties, then you have come to the right place! Our olive philosophy is simple and stems from a single passion and love for the humble olive.

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Lowcountry Dilly Beans $9.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Experience these crisp, lightly dilled string beans with just enough vinegar & spice to keep you reaching for another…and another…

Lowcountry Sweet Cucumber Pickles with Jalapeno $9.50

Worlds finest sweet pickle, on steroids. The holy grail of pickles. There is no mistaking the Gullah influence!

Picholine Olives $8.50
Limited Quantity Available!
Picholine Olives are medium size and green. They have a tart flavor and are imported with the pit. Packed in a brine solution, they are a full bodied olive with a balanced flavor.