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Avanti Savoia Imported Olives

Olive Lovers, Unite

If you love olives and want a great range of varieties, then you have come to the right place! Our olive philosophy is simple and stems from a single passion and love for the humble olive.

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Black Olives: MiteNera Olives by Marina Colonna $14.95

These olives are picked slightly later once they are fully ripe and have changed color.  Great as an appetizer, on meat dishes, together with sword fish, grouper or red snapper, and in salads.

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Recent Best Sellers

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Lowcountry Sweet Cucumber Pickles $9.50

Simply the finest sweet pickle in the world. Made by hand in the South Carolina Low Country.

Lowcountry Dilly Beans $9.50

Experience these crisp, lightly dilled string beans with just enough vinegar & spice to keep you reaching for another…and another…

Lowcountry Sweet Cucumber Pickles with Jalapeno $9.50

Worlds finest sweet pickle, on steroids. The holy grail of pickles. There is no mistaking the Gullah influence!