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Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage Catalog Number: 34625 $3.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Red cabbage delicately season in the traditonal German style. Made by Hengstenberg a product of Germany.

Low Country Pickled Garlic with Jalapeno
Low Country Pickled Garlic with Jalapeno Vendor: Lowcountry Produce Catalog Number: 34562 $8.00

Similar to Lowcountry’s other popular Pickled Garlic but with a kick. Use to prepare a savory aioli sauce.

Lowcountry Dilly Beans
Lowcountry Dilly Beans Vendor: Lowcountry Produce Catalog Number: 34550 $8.50

Experience these crisp, lightly dilled string beans with just enough vinegar & spice to keep you reaching for another…and another…

Lowcountry Pickled Garlic
Lowcountry Pickled Garlic Vendor: Lowcountry Produce Catalog Number: 34549 $8.00

Monster best seller, great garlic flavor but not overwhelming, one million uses by actual count!

Lowcountry Pickled Okra
Lowcountry Pickled Okra Vendor: Lowcountry Produce Catalog Number: 34548 $8.00

Okra, pride of the Southland crisp on the outside buttery soft on the inside. Unique martini or bloody Mary garnish. "Frankly Scarlet..."

Low Country Corn Relish
Low Country Corn Relish Vendor: Lowcountry Produce Catalog Number: 34563 $8.00

Enjoy this relish with chips or as a condiment with a wide variety of dishes (including sandwiches).

Grilled Artichole Roman Style
Caterer/Deli Pack 4 lb. 6.5oz.
Grilled Artichole Roman Style Catalog Number: 34603 $42.00 $19.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Grilled Roman Artichokes are a product of Italy. Packed in sunflower oil with herbs and spices, these artichokes are lightly grilled and have a slight char around them. These artichokes are whole, with the stem attached.

Grilled Sliced Zucchini
Caterer/Deli Pack 4 lb. 6.5 oz.
Grilled Sliced Zucchini Catalog Number: 34607 $46.50 $25.00
Limited Quantity Available!

Grilled Zucchini is a ready to use product direct from the tray. A product of Italy that is packed in sunflower oil. This product is not only tasty, but has beautiful eye appeal.

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