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Truffles & Mushrooms
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Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Black Trumpet Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34150 $4.50

Sweet, earthy richness, buttery excellent in risotto, soups, stews and casseroles. Terrific with fish!

Chanterelle Mushrooms
Chanterelle Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34152 $4.05

These mushrooms exhibit an apricot sented, rich buttery flavor, meaty texture, delicate. Avoid with strong spices. Let them simmer; risotto, soups, stews. You know the drill.

Maitake (Hen of the Woods) Mushrooms
Maitake (Hen of the Woods) Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34154 $5.55

Robust, earthy flavor and fragrance, a mushroom lovers mushroom...sauteed, baked grilled, marinated, stir fried...

Matsutake Mushrooms
Matsutake Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34156 $3.75

Matsutake "pine mushrooms", spicy and clean tasting with notes of pine and cinnamon. Works well in rice with chicken or fish.

Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34158 $10.95

America's most sought after mushroom, soak overnight in salt water, pat dry, dip in olive oil, grill. Delicious!

Mushroom Medley
Mushroom Medley Catalog Number: 34160 $3.50

This mix of Black trumpets, chantrelles, hedgehogs, Matsutake, morels, porcinis, shiitakes simply calls out to be made into risotto!

Oyster Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34162 $3.50

Soft texture, delicate oyster favor, use with seafood, chicken, rice, stir fry fantastic in soups.

Porcini Mushrooms
Porcini Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34164 $3.50 Out of stock.

White/brown, mild flavor and aroma, meaty texture mild nuttiness wonderful in risotto. Domestic.

Portabella Mushrooms
Portabella Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34166 $4.50

Versatile, meaty texture, mild woodsy flavor can be used everywhere lasagna, sauces, stews, risotto, soup...

Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms
Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34168 $3.70

Meaty texture, delicate flavor and distinctive fragrance, sought after for Asain cuisine. Rich in...

Whole Shiitake Mushrooms
Whole Shiitake Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34170 $3.70

Esteemed luxury in Asain and Japanese cuisine. Try them sauted in extra virgin olive oil and moistened with demi-glace sauce, great with beef tenderloin.

Wood Ear Mushrooms
Wood Ear Mushrooms Catalog Number: 34172 $2.65

Slightly crunchy in texture the Wood ear is a Chinese staple, a wonderful addition to Hot and Sour soup.

White Truffle Mushroom Sea Salt
White Truffle Mushroom Sea Salt Vendor: TartufLanghe Catalog Number: 36001 $25.00
Limited Quantity Available!

White Alba truffles and sea salt, versatility in a bottle, simply the finest there is...end of story.

Italian Truffle Risotto
Italian Truffle Risotto Vendor: Cascina Belvedere Catalog Number: 65204 $6.50

The king of mushrooms is now a part of our risotto line.  How can you resist the wonderful flavor of truffle mixed with creamy risotto goodness. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle Vendor: TartufLanghe Catalog Number: 12012 $32.00 Out of stock.

This truffle-infused olive oil is expensive...the best always is.

Truffle Gatherer's Sauce 90g
Truffle Gatherer's Sauce 90g Vendor: Savini Tartufi Catalog Number: 34004 $21.95

The birth of this truffle sauce is one of necessity, a necessity to hide the gatherer's shame from an unsuccessful hunt (read more)...

Black Truffle Butter
Black Truffle Butter Vendor: Savini Tartufi Catalog Number: 34002 $21.95 Out of stock.

You say potato, I say potahto...we both agree it's fabulous on baked potatoes, or anything else for that matter, asparagus, eggs, risotto...

White Truffle Butter
White Truffle Butter Vendor: Savini Tartufi Catalog Number: 34003 $24.50

Alba White Truffles, nothing finer...

Black Truffle Oil and Salt Set
Black Truffle Oil and Salt Set Vendor: Avanti Savoia Catalog Number: 12014 $52.45 $45.50 Out of stock.

The extra virgin olive oil and Atlantic grey sea salt are infused with slices of black truffle.  This is the essential truffle set to add that famous earthy flavor to any dish.  Hint:  try on popcorn!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle Vendor: TartufLanghe Catalog Number: 12010 $29.95 Out of stock.

You need this truffle-infused olive oil in your kitchen...it will set you free!

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