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Italian Red and White Wine Vinegar Set

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Italian Red and White Wine Vinegar Set

Catalog Number: 25005
Vendor: Claudio Rosso
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Barolo wine is the king of Italian wines, Moscato del Piedmont is surely the queen, together they make a royal pair.

To make the best red and white wine vinegars you have to start with the best wine. As with any dish, the end product is only as good as the ingredients used. This set contains a red wine vinegar made from Barolo wine. The white wine Italian Piedmont Balsamic vinegar is produced using the cooked must of the "Moscato del Piemont" grape, which is then aged 3 years in small casks made from three differnt types of wood (Chestnut, Durmast, and Mulberry). This set includes two 250ml bottles. One each of the Barolo red wine vinegar and Balsamic Moscato white wine vinegar. two 8.5 oz. (250ml) bottles. Imported from Italy.

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