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Truffle Gatherer's Sauce

The birth of this truffle sauce is one of necessity, a necessity to hide the gatherer's shame from an unsuccessful hunt (read more)...

Chestnut Honey $14.50
Limited Quantity Available!

This honey is extraordinarily versatile and is the richest in minerals.

Silver Medal Balsamic Vinegar by Giuseppe Giusti $19.95

The taste is a balance between sweet and sour with a rich aromatic bouquet...

The Tiny Tim Holiday Drink Mixer (Rum) $13.95

Special Holiday Edition Mixer

Giuseppe Giusti Saba $10.95

Used by the ancient Romans, Saba is made from...

Giuseppe Giusti Aceto di Vino "Gran Riserva" $10.95

Aged in Oak casks for years, this wine vinegar imparts a richly floral and woody aroma.  Great for...

Giuseppe Giusti Fig Balsamic Vinegar $12.95

Everyone's favorite balsamic vinegar now flavored with fig!

Winter Mix Coffee Fix $11.50 $7.50

Get your morning jolly jolt with our holiday inspired flavored coffee sampler.

Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami $15.99

Unique and delicious, Nduja (en-doo-ya) is the most famous and versatile Calabrian salami.

Finocchiona (Uncured Fennel Pollen Salami) $15.99

A Tuscan style salami made with fennel pollen and seed, Chianti and black pepper.

Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Almonds $3.95

You can't go wrong with roasted almonds and sea salt.  That is, until you cover them in Belgian dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Covered Honey Roasted Peanuts $3.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Ladies and gentlemen, the hunt for the perfect chocolate covered peanut has come to an end.  These things are divine!

Milk Chocolate Covered Honey Roasted Almonds $3.95

I will stand in line for anything "honey roasted," but then cover them in Belgian milk chocolate and my knees will be too weak to stand.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Toffee $3.95

There are few things better than a good crunchy toffee.  If only somone could take an almond toffee and cover it in dark Belgian chocolate, then life would be complete.

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzels - Whole Wheat $4.95
Limited Quantity Available!
The Barton Table Peppermint Chocolate Sauce $10.95 $6.50

Let our peppermint chocolate sauce take you back to your second grade holiday party.  Remember that giant sugar cookie that you slathered with chocolate icing and peppermint sprinkles?  It's like your perfect cookie went to grad school.

Lowcountry Creole 32oz Jar $12.00
Limited Quantity Available!

Just a smidge spicier than the Gumbo...  The Lowcountry Creole is also a great way to clean out the fridge and add that leftover rotisserie chicken, shrimp or even dice up that pork chop!

Galler Chocolatier Celebration Box - Assorted Mini Bars $15.95
Limited Quantity Available!

The Box's name is Celebration, but don't feel bad if you decide to keep all 18 mini bars to yourself.  Party for one...we won't tell.  Or, you could be the awesome person that decides to give this as a gift, and then you will be celebrated for years to come.

Galler Chocolatier Gift box 24ct Assorted Mini Bars $24.95

Dark, milk and white chocolate filled mini bars with flavors such as white chocolate with fresh pistachios, milk chocolate with hazelnuts, Milk chocolate with praliné, dark chocolate with praliné, and dark chocolate with coffee.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse Bar $3.50
Limited Quantity Available!

A wonderfully crisp and bitter dark chocolate shell hides a sweet soft center of espresso mousse.  This Belgian Chocolate is a fantastic example of how you combine the two greatest flavors of all time, espresso and dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate and Hazelnuts and Hazelnut Praliné $3.50

This smooth milk chocolate has a secret inside.  Whole hazelnuts with a sweet and creamy hazelnut praliné round out the perfect bite.  Rich and sweet, one bite goes a long way at settling that sweet tooth.

Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Praliné $3.50
Limited Quantity Available!

A crisp and slightly bitter dark chocolate is perfectly paired with the smooth sweet taste of the hazelnut praliné center.  Not as sweet as the milk chocolate and hazelnut praliné, but sweeter than dark chocolate alone.  Pairs well with a hot cup of coffee.

Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Praliné $3.50

Smooth milk chocolate envelops an even smoother creamier center of hazelnut praliné.  If you are a fan of milk chocolate and hazelnuts then you are in for a treat.

White Chocolate with Coffee Mousee Bar $3.50
Limited Quantity Available!

A rich white chocolate shell protects the smooth almost airy coffee mousse on the inside.  For white chocolate lovers, this is a must.

Asbach Brandy Cherries Gift Box $10.95

Eight beautiful ripe cherries marinated in Asbach Brandy and covered with dark chocolate will delight the senses...

Bahlsen Chocolate Contessa Lebkuchen $6.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Iced soft gingerbread cakes covered completely with dark chocolate

Butlers Jameson Irish Whiskey Chocolate Truffles $7.95

These mouth-watering truffles combine the wonderful taste of Butlers Chocolates with the distinctive taste of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Butlers Irish Cream Chocolate Truffles $7.95

These Irish Cream Liqueur chocolate truffles are a celebration of Irish excellence, combining the taste of Butlers chocolate with the famous flavour of Irish Cream Liqueur.

The Day Dreamer Bold Drink Mix (Rum) $10.95

Monday afternoon, 2:47 PM. Physically you’re at work, you know, the place with the broken copy machine and the boss breathing down your neck. But in your mind you’re on...

Bourbon Smoked Simple Syrup $8.50
Limited Quantity Available!

This is a rich and thick simple syrup that has notes of caramel and smoke. Bourbon Smoked Simple Syrup is made from a raw Demerara sugar and is perfect for cocktails and other drinks.