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Italian Porcini Mushroom Risotto $6.50

It's hard to believe–15 minutes and you have an excellent quality risotto...I speak the truth!

Italian Artichoke Risotto $6.50

Olive Oil, dry white wine and water 15 minutes...voila! Real Italian Risotto, just like mother...

Italian Asparagus Risotto $6.50

A risotto worthy of your table, fast, easy, delicious. Tastes like hours of work, yet ready in just 15 minutes!

Italian Risotto with Tomato and Basil $6.50

The fifteen minute wonder, olive oil, white wine, fifteen minutes..magic, no fault risotto.

Italian Sausage and Saffron Risotto $6.50

This traditional Milanese risotto recipe is the perfect accompaniment to any dish.

Italian Lemon Risotto $6.50


A refreshingly citrus risotto recipe that is the perfect accompaniment to any dish. Ready in 15 minutes!!

Italian Truffle Risotto $6.50

The king of mushrooms is now a part of our risotto line.  How can you resist the wonderful flavor of truffle mixed with creamy risotto goodness. 

Organic Italian Nerone or Black Rice $6.50

Organic Nerone a true black rice...Smells like a cross between sandal-wood and just baked bread. Nerone is sometimes refered to as Venere.

Organic Wild Dandelion Honey 100% Raw $16.50

A vivid yellow hue is the first thing to strike your eye, but this honey delivers with a strong, tangy zing of rich honey goodness!

Organic Beechwood Honey 100% Raw $11.50

Not your typical honey.  Instead of gathering nectar from a blossom the bees gather the sweet aromatic sap from the beechwood trees of New Zealand.  Creating a dark amber colored honey that has a strong apricot flavor up front mellowing as the sugars dissolve in your mouth to a sweet lightly tart raisin flavor.

Pure Tiaca Honey from Chile 100% Raw $13.95
Limited Quantity Available!

This creamed honey is bursting with intense flavor and is over flowing with healthy properties.  Tiaca honey has a bright, creamy white color and a vibrant, fruity flavor with hints of vanilla.

Gluten Free Gnocchi Original $6.95
Limited Quantity Available!

This potato based gnocchi is combined with high quality rice flour to create a gnocchi that is sure to satisfy.  Created by a passionate foodie, Francesca, who was diagnosed with Celiac back in her teens has made it her mission to create food for those suffering from celiac disease to be able to enjoy all that Italian food has to offer.

Gluten Free Gnocchi with Spinach $6.95
Limited Quantity Available!

They may be gluten free, but we promise they are 100% Italian!  These potato based gnocchi include high quality rice flour and fresh picked spinach.  Extremely versatile and delicious you don't even need to be gluten free to enjoy!

Gluten Free Gnocchi with Tomato $6.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Made for Celiacs by celiacs.  La Pasta di Francesca Gluten Free Tomato Gnocchi are made with high quality rice flour, tomatoes and potatoes, Nonna would be proud! These small bites are fluffy, light and very versatile. 100% Italian.  100% delicious.

The Mob Man Craft Cocktail Mixer (Rye Whiskey) 8 oz $10.95

Break out the fedora and pinstriped suit tough guy, the mob man is so good you'll think you are breaking the law.

The Skinny Dipper Craft Cocktail Mixer (Tequila) 8oz. $10.95

A tequila craft cocktail mixer called "The Skinny Dipper"?  Yeah, you know you you're gonna have some fun.

The Filthy Liar Craft Cocktail Mixer (Gin) 8oz $10.95

Have you ever tasted Lychee fruit? If you answered “Yes” you are either an exotic fruit importer or you’re lying. Probably you’re lying. Regardless, be prepared to be seduced!

Auntie's Old Fashioned Craft Cocktail Mixer (Bourbon) 8oz. $10.95

Not your typical Old Fashioned, but Auntie knew what she was doing...

Your Older Brother Craft Cocktail Mixer (Vodka) 8oz. $10.95

We know what you’re thinking right now: “Keep your damn pine tree out of my cocktail.” Hold your horses. It ain’t pine, it’s Siberian fir, pine’s suave older brother. And when it does the Jitterbug with juicy orange, organic lemon, and your favorite vodka, it’s magic.

Black Olives: MiteNera Olives by Marina Colonna $14.95

These olives are picked slightly later once they are fully ripe and have changed color.  Great as an appetizer, on meat dishes, together with sword fish, grouper or red snapper, and in salads.

Greek Orzo $3.95
Greek Orzo is made from 100% durum wheat semolina, a little lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, parsley and pepper...perfect!
Dark Horse 12oz $11.95

A full bodied, aromatic blend of 2 central American favorites, plus a little Colombian for brightness and a little...

Don Vito's Gold Italian Spice Blend $5.99

Vito spent half a lifetime on his signature blend of rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic, coriander... there's more but then I would have to kill you.

Ethiopian Longberry Harrar 12 oz $12.50

This remarkable coffee smells like you’ve just cut open a blueberry muffin and yields a medium-bodied...

Secco Del Borgo White Wine Vinegar $21.95

Sour with a hint of sweet, tangy and full bodied..like a Rodin, big and round, sculpted from Trebbiano grapes.