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Black Olives: MiteNera Olives by Marina Colonna $14.95

These olives are picked slightly later once they are fully ripe and have changed color.  Great as an appetizer, on meat dishes, together with sword fish, grouper or red snapper, and in salads.

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls

The shear eligance of these balsamic vinegar pearls is only upstaged by...

White Balsamic Pearls

The almost "caviar" like pearls are perfect to be served over seared or smoked salmon, grilled meats or roasted veggies.

Greek Orzo $3.95
Greek Orzo is made from 100% durum wheat semolina, a little lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, parsley and pepper...perfect!
Dark Horse 12oz $11.95

A full bodied, aromatic blend of 2 central American favorites, plus a little Colombian for brightness and a little...

Free Coffee for a Review $10.00
Limited Quantity Available!

Earn free coffee.  Click to learn more

Don Vito's Gold Italian Spice Blend $5.99

Vito spent half a lifetime on his signature blend of rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic, coriander... there's more but then I would have to kill you.

Ethiopian Longberry Harrar 12 oz $12.50

This remarkable coffee smells like you’ve just cut open a blueberry muffin and yields a medium-bodied...

Secco Del Borgo White Wine Vinegar $19.95

Sour with a hint of sweet, tangy and full bodied..like a Rodin, big and round, sculpted from Trebbiano grapes.

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzels 8oz Original $4.95 $2.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Enticing delicacy with just a hint of extra virgin olive oil.

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzel 8oz. Red Pepper $4.95 $2.50

Hot, sweet and packed with flavor that compliments many foods.

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzel 8oz. Garlic $4.95 $2.50

A serious “punch” of garlic just right for robust soups, hearty cheeses and big red wines.

Pure Key Lime Extract $9.65

You can replace lemon or orange extract in any recipe with pure key lime extract. It is an easy and delicious way to change your favorite cake and cookie recipes. Sugar and gluten-free.

Wine Jelly Set $50.00 $45.00
Bourbon Barrel Mini Tin Gift Set of Sugar and Spices $14.95
Limited Quantity Available!

This set includes 6 mini tins of the following bourbon barrel inspired sugars and spices!

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Spice Gift Set $32.95 $29.95

Old bourbon barrel staves are used to slow smoke and infuse the salt, pepper and paprika with all the sweet and smoky flavor locked away in the aged bourbon barrels.  This set should be next to every stove top and every grill in America.

Spiced Cherry Bitters Aged in Bourbon Barrels $16.95

Our love for bourbon has only gotten stronger.  Introducing Woodford Reserve® Spiced Cherry Bitters.  Make your next...

Bourbon Cherries $14.95

Cherries with a kick.  Up your cocktail game with these rich cherries with a hint of Woodford Reserve bourbon.  But not just for cocktails, these cherries can be used in desserts, salads and marinades.

Le Magnolie Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil $37.50

At first taste artichokes and cardoon followed by more subtle notes ripe tomatos, walnuts, dried fruit, wild herbs. Organic olive oil

Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate 33% Cocoa $2.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Chunks of almond toffee in smooth milk chocolate.

Strong Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa $2.50

Strong, bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate crafted primarily from African cocoa beans and a small amount of Caribbean cocoa beans.

Rich Dark Chocolate 65% Cocoa $2.50

A smooth, bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate crafted from a blend of Caribbean and African cocoa beans.

Cassini Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Set $42.90 $34.99
Limited Quantity Available!

Love balsamic vinaigrette? Make it your way. High quality Italian extra virgin olive oil and balsamico...bella, bella.