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Le Magnolie Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil $29.95 $23.96

At first taste artichokes and cardoon followed by more subtle notes ripe tomatos, walnuts, dried fruit, wild herbs. Organic olive oil

Cassini Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Set $42.90 $34.99

Love balsamic vinaigrette? Make it your way. High quality Italian extra virgin olive oil and balsamico...bella, bella.

S'ciappau Extra Virgin Olive Oil $27.95

Light, elegant olive oil with a buttery taste; from an Italian terraced olive grove, tended by hand for over four hundred years.  Made from the Taggiasca cultivar of olive.

Colombian Supremo Coffee 12 oz. $10.00 $8.00

Supremo Columbian beans roasted "Viennese" style...full bodied, robust powerful aroma...tastes great too.

"S'ciappau Gran Cru" Extra Virgin Olive Oil $31.50

Fresh off the press, Gran Cru is back! Hand selected by Paolo Cassini "Taggiasche" olives make this the very finest extra virgin oilive oil in the world.

Black Trumpet Mushrooms $4.50 $3.50

Sweet, earthy richness, buttery excellent in risotto, soups, stews and casseroles. Terrific with fish!

Wood Ear Mushrooms $2.65 $1.95

Slightly crunchy in texture the Wood ear is a Chinese staple, a wonderful addition to Hot and Sour soup.

Vantera Extra Virgin Olive Oil $19.95

A bold aroma belies the delicate flavor of this, first-press oil.

Asbach Brandy Cherries Gift Box $17.50

Beautiful ripe cherries marinated in German Asbach Brandy and covered with dark chocolate will delight the senses...

Santander 70% Dark Chocolate and Columbian Espresso Coffee $3.50

I like my coffee and my chocolate deep and dark, this 70% cacao dark chocolate bar with coffee will light you up!

Bahlesn Contessa Lebkuchen $4.95

Iced soft gingerbread cakes dipped in dark chocolate

Bahlsen Chocolate Contessa Lebkuchen $4.95

Iced soft gingerbread cakes covered completely with dark chocolate

Un Mondo Gift Pack $18.95
Limited Quantity Available!

These products are all natural, gluten and Trans-fat free, using only sea salt as a preservative.  The Sampler contains four unique offerings.

Butlers Irish Cream Chocolate Truffles $6.95

These Irish Cream Liqueur chocolate truffles are a celebration of Irish excellence, combining the taste of Butlers chocolate with the famous flavour of Irish Cream Liqueur.

Sopressata Salami $7.50
Limited Quantity Available!

A coarse ground salami with a surprisingly smooth finish.

Dresdner Christstollen Dresden Stollen $14.50
Limited Quantity Available!

Stollen is a delicious German tradition which is called Christstollen during the holidays.

Hot Sopressata Salami $7.50
Limited Quantity Available!

A coarse ground, paprika-rich, spicy salami has a clean, crisp flavor and a surprisingly smooth finish.

Butlers Jameson Irish Whiskey Chocolate Truffles $6.95

These mouth-watering truffles combine the wonderful taste of Butlers Chocolates with the distinctive taste of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Bahlsen Grandessa Lebkuchen $4.95

Soft gingerbread cakes on wafers covered with dark chocolate.

Green Tomato Soup $8.00

Made with fresh green tomatoes, ham stock, capers, cayenne pepper, garlic and olive oil this soup is a knock out.

The Barton Table Original Chocolate Sauce $10.95

The go-to dessert option for the Barton family for the better part of 25 years.  This closely kept secret has been curing the sweet tooth for both friends and family fortunate enough to be...

Israeli Couscous Traditional $8.50

Case price: $28.90 (4/case)
Save: $5.10

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Israeli couscous is a pasta-like product imported from Israel. The size is slightly larger than traditional couscous, and the edges are more uniform. Israeli couscous is toasted, unlike traditional couscous.
Italian Pine Honey $14.95

The gentleness of the acacia honey is united with the special aromas of the mugo pine.

White Truffle Butter $24.50

Alba White Truffles, nothing finer...

Truffle Gatherer's Sauce 90g $17.95

The birth of this truffle sauce is one of necessity, a necessity to hide the gatherer's shame from an unsuccessful hunt (read more)...

Apple Blossom Honey $12.95
Limited Quantity Available!

The first note is the smell of apple cider followed by...

French Honeysuckle Honey $12.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Light, delicate--a whisper of lemon.  Creamy texture perfect for drizzling over goat or sheep's milk cheese.

Truffle Linguine 8.8 oz (250g) $8.95

The truffle linguine pasta is perfectly paired with meat or creamy mushroom sauces.  Try with a gather's sauce and truffle oil for an extra boost of truffle.