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Bourbon Barrel Foods Handcrafted Barbecue Sauce $10.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Sweet, smoky and tangy, this sauce is made with bourbon smoked spices, Kentucky sorghum and of course Kentucky Bourbon!

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzels 8oz Original $4.95

Enticing delicacy with just a hint of extra virgin olive oil.

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzel 8oz. Garlic $4.95

A serious “punch” of garlic just right for robust soups, hearty cheeses and big red wines.

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzels - Rosemary $4.95

Rallini can be enjoyed with cheese, dips, antipasto, vegetable platters, soups, salads or simply by themselves accompanied by a glass of wine.

Rallini Italian Wine Pretzels - Whole Wheat $4.95

Baked with all natural ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives, these products are also cholesterol and sugar free.

100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup $23.50

The key here is 100%, no corn syrup, no Karo just 100% natural Vermont Maple Syrup. This is the way it is suppose to be! A Sunday morning delight.

Vanilla Infused Grade-A Maple Syrup $14.50

Put a new twist on pancakes and waffles!  Vermonts finest 100% pure maple syrup infused with vanilla.

Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil $31.95

Pleasing aromas and color with notes of fresh herbs, green hazelnuts, sweet almonds, cardoon. Slight peppery finish.

Il Borgo Del Balsamico - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Yellow Label 750ml IGP $41.95

Generously fragrant, slightly pungent; a classic balsamic vinegar for everyday use. Splash it on!

Il Borgo Del Balsamico - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena- Tinello Orange Label IGP $25.95

BIG ROUND FLAVOR use as a condiment for stewed, roasted or grilled meat with fish or vegetables.

Il Borgo Del Balsamico - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena- Tinello Yellow Label IGP $19.95

Designed for everyday use, splash it on...sweet yet tart.

Truffle Gatherer's Sauce

The birth of this truffle sauce is one of necessity, a necessity to hide the gatherer's shame from an unsuccessful hunt (read more)...

Chestnut Honey $14.50
Limited Quantity Available!

This honey is extraordinarily versatile and is the richest in minerals.

Silver Medal Balsamic Vinegar by Giuseppe Giusti $19.95

The taste is a balance between sweet and sour with a rich aromatic bouquet...

The Tiny Tim Holiday Drink Mixer (Rum) $13.95

Special Holiday Edition Mixer

Giuseppe Giusti Saba $10.95

Used by the ancient Romans, Saba is made from...

Giuseppe Giusti Aceto di Vino "Gran Riserva" $10.95

Aged in Oak casks for years, this wine vinegar imparts a richly floral and woody aroma.  Great for...

Giuseppe Giusti Fig Balsamic Vinegar $12.95

Everyone's favorite balsamic vinegar now flavored with fig!

Winter Mix Coffee Fix $11.50 $7.50

Get your morning jolly jolt with our holiday inspired flavored coffee sampler.

Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami $15.99

Unique and delicious, Nduja (en-doo-ya) is the most famous and versatile Calabrian salami.

Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Almonds $3.95
Limited Quantity Available!

You can't go wrong with roasted almonds and sea salt.  That is, until you cover them in Belgian dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Toffee $3.95

There are few things better than a good crunchy toffee.  If only somone could take an almond toffee and cover it in dark Belgian chocolate, then life would be complete.

Milk Chocolate Covered Honey Roasted Peanuts $3.95
Limited Quantity Available!

Ladies and gentlemen, the hunt for the perfect chocolate covered peanut has come to an end.  These things are divine!

Milk Chocolate Covered Honey Roasted Almonds $3.95

I will stand in line for anything "honey roasted," but then cover them in Belgian milk chocolate and my knees will be too weak to stand.