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Creamy Lime Blossom Honey
Out of stock.

Creamy Lime Blossom Honey

Catalog Number: 33086
Weight: 17.6 oz
Vendor: Breitsamer Honig
$8.50 $4.50

Out of stock.

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Lime blossom, also known as Basswood or European Linden. This little sweetie is mild but spicy...a rose by any other name.

Despite the name this is not the same as the citrus fruit. It is also know as Basswood or Linden Flower honey. The flavor is mild and spicy. German premium quality all natural honey.

Pure honey 17.6 oz, (500g). 

Imported, Product of Germany. 

5 starslike and listfull
July 06, 2012
by James H. Prentice (Los Angeles, CA)
This wonderful bee product gives me the sensation as if I were on some tropical Iland. If standed with no food in sight, I could live on this gift of Apiary jewels.
5 starsMmmmm!
July 09, 2011
by Anonymous
This delicious honey has a distinctive flavor, wonderful on toast.