Picture of Ben SlocumBen is the business wunderkind of the bunch. Although he enjoys discovering new foods, recipes, and cooking techniques, the distinctive gifts that Ben brings to Avanti Savoia’s table are a keen business sense, a limitless appetite for knowledge, and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Ben earned his MBA at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee, while helping his Dad, Doug, launch the company.



1. You are stranded on a desert island and can bring five things [unlimited amount of each]... what are they?  Fresh water, snorkel & mask, a knife, matches, and some extra virgin olive oil.  Okay, so the last one was a shameless plug, but hey, I know why you’re here.

2.  What's your favorite go-to meal to impress guests?  I would have to say squid ink pasta with tuna.  This recipe is so easy, yet the flavors are beyond outstanding; it leaves the guests convinced you spent all day perfecting it. (Hint, a version of this recipe is on each package of our squid ink pasta)

3.  What's the one, single food item you could never give up?  Cheese!

4.  What's your favorite midnight snack?  It’s hard to just pick one (See question 3).

5.  Detail your ideal day.  It all starts with a good breakfast - eggs, bacon, and coffee… and a homemade berry muffin (or three).  After this, I would spend the majority of the day out on the lake surrounded by all my family and friends.  While watching the sun set, we would all sit around the table eating baby-back ribs that have been slow cooking all day.  To make sure everything goes down smooth, we would all need to some nice, cold beer (preferably from a batch that I made myself).  After dark, it is campfire time until the eye lids fall.

Bonus question: Donuts or donut-holes?  No brainer, donut-holes