Picture of Vito De Carlos' smiling faceVito has a burning passion for wine, chocolate, spices, and cooking and he always wants the “Best of the Best” for his creations. A native of Turin, Italy, “Don” Vito delights in exploring the rich cultural expressions of his own country and the world. He has been captivated by the many cuisines and cooking traditions he has encountered over the years that seem like true artistic expressions on the same level as fine arts like painting, sculpture, music, and dance.


1.  You are stranded on a desert island and can bring five things [unlimited amount of each]... what are they?  Durum wheat flour (so I can make pasta and bread), Barbera wine, extra virgin olive oil, Victorinox Swiss Champ knife, and a large pot

 2.  What's your favorite go-to meal to impress guests?  The menu is as follows: 

Appetizer: Smoked fish salad, served with a chilled Müller-Thurgau dry white wine

Main Course: Perfect braised beef with mashed tomatoes and truffles, served with Barolo wine 

Cheese plate: Bra Tenero, 6 year Provolone, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Mascarpone, aged Gouda, Stracchino cheeses, served with Madeira Riserva wine

Dessert: "Vito's cheesecake" with chocolate, served with hot spiced cider

After dinner drink: Duca d'Alba Spanish brandy, Lavagulin 16 years Scotch whisky, or Calvados AOC Reserve

3.  What's the one, single food item you could never give up?  Beef

4.  What's your favorite midnight snack?  A large piece of extra fondente 85% dark chocolate

5.  Detail your ideal day.  I would wake up at 7:00 am and have breakfast (Panino con Mortadella e Fontina cheese, a Greek yogurt with chestnut honey, and a large cup of white tea).  I would then take a long, two-hour walk in the woods followed by a long cold shower.  After cleaning up, I would drink a large, pint cup of Frullato di banana e kaki (a homemade fruit milkshake) and read the Repubblica newspaper.  For lunch, I would make a large mixed salad with arugula and a can of Il ghiotto and fresh baked bread, served with a pint of Guinness beer.  Until 5:00 pm, I would sit outside in the shade reading a science-fiction book.  After resting a while, it would be time to have fun preparing a dinner for eight to ten people.  The menu would include one appetizer composed of pasta or rice; a main course consisting of meat or fish, depending on the season; cheeses; and dessert.  After eating and chatting with my friends, we would drink a nice scotch until midnight and go to bed only to have sweet dreams all night long.

Bonus question: Donuts or donut-holes?  Donuts with a warm, black American coffee