Picture of Chef Joseph with fellow chefs

Chef Joseph is from the generation of American chefs who witnessed a genuine culinary revolution in our national attitudes toward food, wine, and fine dining. With Scotch-Irish and Choctaw ancestry, his own epicurean revolution began with family, community, and fresh ingredients. We feel fortunate that after many years in food service, Chef Joseph now brings his culinary expertise and enthusiasm to our table. 



1. You are stranded on a desert island and can bring five things [unlimited amount of each]... what are they?  Assuming that fresh water is available, I would want rice, tea, rum (or other distilled spirit), basic survival gear (this would include all sorts of tools, first aid, and communication supplies), and the Dhammapada

2.  What's your favorite go-to meal to impress guests?  It would have to be mixed salad fresh from our garden, Lowcountry crab cakes with hollandaise sauce, and Queen of the Cumberland’s white chocolate cake with raspberry coulis.  This easily changes with the season and my mood.

3.  What's the one, single food item you could never give up?  Eggs

4.  What's your favorite midnight snack?  Cheese

5.  Detail your ideal day.  If I am off work: I would start everything off with a quiet early morning enjoying a pot of tea.  Then I would spend the day tending to our garden and other outdoor chores.  I would spend the evening harvesting from our garden and cooking a savory meal with good friends and family.  We would start dinner off by having a glass of wine or cocktail outside, followed by good food.  I would end the day with a quiet reverie on our porch or in front of the fireplace with an interesting book.  If I am working:  I love researching and writing about interesting Avanti Savoia foods.  It is also very exciting to be preparing and presenting La Cucina cooking classes

Bonus question: Donuts or donut-holes?  Just-out-of-the-fryer Krispy Kreme glazed donuts!

Recent News:

Chef Joseph won first place in a recent Slow Food Knoxville pesto cookoff. Read more about the event and try out Joseph's recipe for Traditional Pesto.