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Test Your Foodie Knowledge & Win Free Stuff!

Avanti Savoia Food Trivia Contest.

Just answer the question correctly and your email address will be entered in the drawing. The winners will be selected from the correct entries.

A new question every week! New winners every week!

NOTE: We will not share your contact information with any other company. See our Privacy Policy for more detail. Click here for contest rules.  *Make sure you receive emails from store@avantisavoia.com, this is the only way winners will be notified.

Last week's question: This pungent mixture of five different spices is very popular in Chinese cooking. The mixture is made up of five spices in equal amounts. Which of the following spices does NOT belong in the recipe?

Answer:  Allspice

This week's question - This cured meat is primarily taken from the neck and shoulder portions of a hog (the meat must come from a hog raised in the Emilia or Lombardy regions of Italy). The meat is lovingly massaged and flavoured with a mixture of salt, pepper, sugar and various spices which may include cloves, cinnamon and laurel seed. The meat is then rolled up in the hog's diaphram and aged for 6 to 9 months. This cured meat product is typically served on an Antipasto plate. The name of this delicacy is______.



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