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Question:This popular fruit from China and Tibet is considered a superfood because of it's extraordinarily high content of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins and minerals. This red berry tastes like a cross between raisins and dried cranberries, it is a member of the nightshade family which includes eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes. It is often found in juice blended with other juices and it is sometimes found in energy bars. No Sherpa would consider going up "the big hill" without a bag of these tied around his neck. It is often called

Correct Answer: Goji Berry

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  • Ken Stevens
  • Cheryl Free
  • Elaine Curts
  • Tommy Culpepper


Question: Civet coffee also known as Kopi Luwak is an exotic coffee that is said to have gotten it's rich, smooth, full bodied flavor from having passed through the intestines of a small marsupial. On which island in the country of Indonesia is this coffee found?

Correct Answer: All of the above (Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra)

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  • Linda Guss
  • J.L. Heath
  • Joseph Perozzi
  • Janine Poore

11/25/09 - Mid-term Exam

Question 1:cSome olive trees are truly ancient. In fact some of our own producers have trees planted as early as the ______ century.
Answer:cThirteenth Century

Question 2: When did Julia Child first appear on Boston Public Television?

Question 3: Traditional Balsamic Vinegars are produced in what Italian regions?
Answer: Modena and Reggio Emilia

Question 4: Where is the best place to buy high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fine& Balsamic vinegar?
Answer: Avanti Savoia, 'The Gourmet Store at Your Door'

Question 5: In Under the Fig Leaf, by Sheri Lee, Chef Joseph supplied the pickling recipe for the Pickled Figs. Who taught Joseph this recipe?
Answer: Joseph's Mother*

*This answer was provided in an email sent on Oct 29th.

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Question: Which of these is NOT a unit of measurement? Balthazar, Salmanazar, Bathsheba, Jeroboam, Split, Nebuchadnezzar, Rehoboam

Correct Answer: Bathsheba

6 Winners

  • Debra Sluis
  • Debbie Temple
  • Jackie Tweed
  • Peter Durnin
  • Fred Pellerito
  • Howard Steeley


Question:Time consuming to prepare, delicious to eat, this French adaptation of a classic Russian recipe consists of a creamy melange of fresh salmon, rice or buckwheat, hard-cooked eggs, mushrooms, shallots and dill ensconced in a hot pastry envelope. The pastry is usually made of Brioche dough. They can be large or small, are oval in shape and can be served as a first course or main course. The name of this wonderful dish is...

Correct Answer: Coulibiac

6 Winners:

  • Jon Erickson
  • Angela Kinney
  • Jennifer Lias
  • Lilia Xavier
  • Lynda Christian
  • Jon Burban


Question:I am a buttery, ball shaped, melt-in-your-mouth cookie that contains either finally chopped almonds, pecans or hazelnuts. I am rolled in powdered sugar twice, once when I am still hot and then again after I have cooled. In Spain I am called polvorones, I have also been called Mexican wedding cake, another name for me is...

Correct Answer: Russian Tea Cakes

6 Winners

  • Deanna Diebler
  • Susan West
  • Cecilie E. Siegel
  • David Guss
  • Joe Titone
  • Lori Memsic


Question:&This pungent mixture of five different spices is very popular in Chinese cooking. The mixture is made up of five spices in equal amounts. Which of the following spices does NOT belong in the recipe? Allspice, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel Seed, Star Anise, Szechuan Peppercorns

Correct Answer: Allspice

6 Winners

  • Kevin McNulty
  • Judith Zweighaft
  • Sarah Simpson
  • Debbie Treptow
  • Jenifer Greenwell
  • Steve Taylor


Question:If you were one of the following: entremetier, friturier, garde manger, tournant, chef de rang, chef de vin, poissonier, rotisseur, you would belong to:

Correct Answer: The Brigade

6 Winners

  • Lauren Uslan
  • Amanda Lennon
  • Lynn Bushey
  • Theresa Kim
  • Mark Fine
  • Ken Hull


Question:Popular old English boiled pudding, (to be fair it is sometimes steamed or baked), made with beef suet, bread crumbs, flour and raisins. The pudding is wrapped in a cloth and cooked. When the raisins are on the inside it is known as "spotted dick," when the raisins are on the outside it is known as a "spotted dog." It also is known as:

Correct Answer: Plum-Duff

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  • Barbara Duresky
  • Susan West
  • Jennifer Phillips
  • John South
  • Laura Henry
  • Mary Capps
  • *Bennett Simon (extra credit for creativity!)


Question:Miners in the copper mines of Michigan and the tin mines of England frequently dined on a turnover called a PASS-tee. These savory turnovers consist of short-crust pastry enfolding a chopped meat and potato filling. Frequently these PASS-tees would contain meat and potatoes on one end and an apple filling on the other - Lunch and desert all in one. Locals call them Pass-tees but they are better known as:

Correct Answer: Cornish Pasty (NOTE: we also accepted Miner's Pastry)

6 Winners

  • John A. Kelly
  • James Whitbord
  • Frank Yager
  • William Brown
  • Angela Fuller
  • Dorothy Spackman


Question:The secret to good French bread is the crust and the secret to the crust is steam. For centuries the French have soaked earthenware covers or "hats" in water and then placed them over the bread in the oven. As the earthenware heats up it releases steam, the steam coats the dough and produces a crunchy crust. These "hats" are known as...

Correct Answer: Cloche

6 Winners

  1. Chris Leone
  2. Donna Cammisa
  3. Jamie Feldman
  4. Sharon Routhier
  5. Jennifer Rutsk
  6. Greg Peterson


Question:This classic dessert is made with pureed chestnuts that have been sweetened and flavored with vanilla powder. The mixture is then "riced" and piled high into a fluffy mountain on a platter. This mountain is capped with whipped cream or creme Chantilly. The name of this dessert is...

Correct Answer: Mont Blanc

6 Winners

  1. Christine Robinson
  2. Lynn Bushey
  3. Stanley Napierkowski
  4. Susan Benegas
  5. Greg Perterson
  6. Marybeth Segars


Question: This sandwich is made with slices of cooked chicken or turkey with swiss cheese and possibly baked ham. The sandwich is dipped in beaten eggs and sauteed in butter until golden brown.

Correct Answer: Monte Cristo

7 Winners

  1. Michael E. Mink
  2. Kathy Tillman
  3. Brett Tryner
  4. Ashley Henly
  5. William Lockhart
  6. Jae Park
  7. Kerry Ryan

8/27/09 (our first food trivia contest)

Question: A rib-eye steak is also known as a Delmonico cut, Beauty Steak or a Market Steak, it can also be known as:

Correct Answer: Spencer Steak

12 Winners

  1. Anne Blackstock-Bernstein
  2. Charles Wade
  3. Lynn Le
  4. James Springer
  5. Denise Richard
  6. Daniel O'Neill
  7. Tara Lawson
  8. Thomas Clark
  9. Linda Hall
  10. Thomas Gibson
  11. Isabelle Shields
  12. Sandra Weissberger