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Hand Cut Honeycomb
Out of stock.

Hand Cut Honeycomb

Catalog Number: 33073 UPC Code: 858901000441
Weight: 11 oz
Vendor: Savannah Bee Company
$19.95 $12.00

Out of stock.

Hand cut honeycomb, spread on hard cheese, warm slice of toast or hot biscuit, stunning on cheese plate.

Simply Amazing! This hand cut square of honeycomb is filled with delicious golden honey, spread on hard cheese, warm slice of toast or hot biscuit, stunning on cheese plate..

The wax is edible and adds one more complex character to this simple nectar of life.

Spread on hard cheeses or a warm slice of toast or hot biscuit.

Also makes for a stunning presentation on a cheese and cracker plate at your next get together.

Pure honey. 

Product of the USA

Let's talk about honeycomb - by Savannah Bee Company

Honeycombs are perfection

Each honeycomb is unique and a work of art.  While every comb is made of hexagonal beeswax cells filled with honey, they can vary wildly in appearance.

Honeybees make the honeycomb different thicknesses.  Sometimes all the cells are capped and sometimes they are not.  Sometimes the natural edges of the comb are not perfectly square.

Sometimes we can cut a full square that fills the box and sometimes a smaller piece of honeycomb can weigh as much as a thinner, full-size piece.

Then honeycomb can weigh anywhere from the minimum 11oz stated on the package up to 16oz.

Bees will not mix honey varieties in the same cell, so when they are switching over to new nectar the color of the honey can vary from golden in the tops cells to reddish in the bottom cells.

What is consistent is the quality of our honeycombs.  Every part of the cutting and packaging process is done by hand.  If it doesn’t meet our standards, then we don’t box it.

5 starsGreat treat!
December 04, 2014
by Laura Henry (Hallstead, PA)
I bought this for my dad, who loves honey, and he thinks it's great. It was especially good on the angel biscuits my sister made for Thanksgiving breakfast. I would definitely buy more!