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Italian Pappardelle Pasta

Catalog Number: 60123 UPC Code: 085164000165
Weight: 1 lb
Vendor: Garofalo
$6.95 $4.00

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Can a pasta be sexy? Ribbons of pure delight...

Pappardelle are large fettuccine noodles whose name derives from the verb “pappare,” which means to “gobble up.”

Pappardelle are typically two to three centimeters (3/4 to 1 inch) wide and have fluted edges, perfect for holding cream sauces.

Sauce Pairing Suggestion: Cream sauce with mixed mushrooms.

1 lb. Made by Garofalo, imported from Italy.

5 starsChris
July 10, 2012
by Christine Szczepaniak (Long Beach, CA)
Great with pesto or a heavier red sauce!